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The Invincible Lords of Nature!

Gormiti are collectable hero action figurines. Each character belong to a tribe and has their own personal story, magical powers, personality and physical size!

Each figure is a hero within the big saga of Gormiti, the story of  Gormiti begins here...

Gormiti figures come with trading cards that can be collected, swapped and competed with.

Each figure has a random number between 1 and 9 printed on the bottom of the foot. This number is used in the game play aspect of line. Each figure is packaged with a playing card that has a fixed number for that character printed on it along with other information about the character. The game is a matter of setting your figures opposite of an opponent’s figures, then adding the number from the foot to the number on the card. The higher number trumps the opponent knocking out his character. After battling the individual figures down the row of figures, the player left with the most characters standing is the winner. The official website  allows for the entry of a code located on the playing card to unlock web content like screensavers and graphics.

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